Chicagoland COVID-19 Commons Working Groups:

  • Community Engagement Working Group: A forum communication about community priorities and interests to guide the work of the Commons 
  • Clinical Data Working Group:  Brings together informaticists and data reporting experts from member organizations to discuss the data elements being shared into the Commons to maximize the utility of the (deidentified) clinical data for research.
  • Epidemiological Modeling Working Group: Works to refine models with diverse local data to improve their predictive ability and utility for decision support.
  • The Data Working Group is sourcing additional public data resources and enhancing the current data model used by the Chicagoland Commons.

Working groups provide the operational governance of the Commons and are ultimately accountable to the Executive Committee. Each working group establishes a charter and follows the policies and procedures described in the Membership Agreement.  

Trainings For Working Groups:

Working Group Members periodically have various trainings and discussion sessions

  • Team had conducted a training and live demonstration on 2nd Nov, 2022 for Gen3 Regional Data Commons ( and detailed explanation of Observed COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate Rate Among the U.S. Population (CFR).
    • The Training comprised of walkthrough on differences in observed COVID-19 case fatality rates (CFRs) between U.S. Whites, Blacks/African Americans and Latinx during this period.
    • The agenda also included tutorials explaining how calculations and projections of these analysis can be replicated inside Workspaces of PRC Data Commons.
    • The Recording for this training can be found here

Future Working Groups:

  • Analysis Working Group: Determine how to integrate, harmonize and analyze data submitted from approved projects to the data ecosystem.
  • Patient Partnered Research Group: Establish the infrastructure and standards for the patient-partnered data donated to the data ecosystem.
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) Working Group:  Make recommendations on legal, ethical, and social agreements related to data collection.
  • Allocations Working Group:  Prioritizes research projects and oversees computing resources allocations.

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