The focus of the Pandemic Response Commons Consortium is to build data commons to:

  • improve health outcomes for COVID-19 patients by gathering and sharing COVID-19 data through the Pandemic Response Commons Consortium, while respecting the privacy of those contributing the data and all required security, compliance, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • improve our understanding of the effectiveness of mitigation strategies and back-to-work strategies by gathering and sharing relevant data
  • improving near-term COVID-19 diagnostics and therapeutics by providing COVID-19 researchers with cloud-based workspaces with COVID-19 data and data analysis and computation tools.

The Pandemic Response Commons will be persistent so that it will be available for the next epidemic or pandemic. One of the goals of the project is to take the lessons learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic Response Commons efforts and use these to improve the persistent infrastructure, data sources, and software tools and efforts.

The first regional data commons, launched in mid-2020, is the Chicagoland COVID-19 Commons.

If you are interested in standing up your regional COVID-19 commons, please review the information here.