A regional data commons built with high-quality data that is meaningful to the local community is critical to addressing local needs as a result of COVID-19.   A network of regional data commons can provide the necessary data infrastructure to respond to future pandemics.  

Building off of the principles of open FAIR data, open-source software, open access publications, and open principles for interoperating with other data platforms, the Chicagoland COVID-19 Commons can serve as a model for other regions.

  • The Gen3 data platform, open source with an Apache license, supports the Pandemic Response Commons and the Chicagoland COVID-19 Commons. 
  • Membership, data contributor, and data use agreements, as well as IPR and publication policies from the Open Commons Consortium are available for use.
  • A Working Group structure for governance and to guide the work of the Commons and can be adapted for your region. 
  • Each Gen3 data commons exposes APIs that support both open and controlled access data, allowing applications to be built that access data from multiple pandemic response commons and enabling both the collection of data in a single commons as well as the federated analysis of data in different commons by scatting queries or analyses and gathering the results.

If you would like to set up a Pandemic Response Commons for your own region, please contact us.