The Pandemic Response Commons (PRC) contains member contributed data and public data.

Clinical and Incident Data

We are collecting incident data to improve epidemiological models and clinical data to improve near term health outcomes. The more data we bring together, the faster we can improve epidemiological models and patient outcomes.

Member contributed data. Data contributed by Pandemic Response Commons includes different data types, including those below. The data below is governed by a Data Contributors Agreement between the member providing the data and the PRC.

  • Clinical data. The PRC is collecting clinical data from Pandemic Response Commons members. A data dictionary for contributed clinical data is available to PRC members.
  • Image data. The PRC is also collecting image data.
  • Sequence data. PRC members are also welcome to contribute virus sequence data collected from subjects.

Statistical summary data. The PRC is also collecting aggregate incidence data for selected disease categories that should be useful for epidemiological modeling.

Scientific Data

The commons includes a rich set of scientific data to support investigations into the dynamics of COVID-19 and into the biology of the coronavirus. Such data include the genome sequences of viruses isolated regionally and across the world.